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Project Management is essential to completing any project in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest cost, while achieving the highest quality. Forward Solutions employs Project Management Professionals who provide coaching and management in all 10 Knowledge Areas of Project Management, including:

  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Communications Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Stakeholder Management

Project management is a powerful business tool that can deliver many advantages to businesses of all sizes. A structured approach to project management has been well-proven over time to help deliver projects more successfully, within budget and in the timeframe expected, resulting in client satisfaction. Following good project management practices can help your business:

  • Achieve and deliver the desired result;
  • Set and control both the scope of work and budget at the start of the project;
  • Stay on schedule and minimize wasted time;
  • Improve productivity and quality of work;
  • Maintain consistent communications with all stakeholders;
  • Mitigate risks of a project failing;
  • Increase customer satisfaction; and
  • Gain competitive advantage and boost your bottom line.

Contact us today to get a certified Project Management Professional assisting you on your next big project.