Client referrals
is our greatest compliment.

Lyneka is naturally a positive motivator both professionally and personally. During our time together, she asked strategic questions, noted my passions and dreams, and made recommendations that made sense. She is a great listener and always supportive! A key thing she offered to me was her positive reinforcement to not give up, not doubt myself or let others hold me back. She helped to turn rusty wheels in my head to consider following dreams that I was afraid to pursue before! She offered a strategy to move forward while holding me accountable to use initiative. I came away with renewed hope in my passion to succeed!!

Michele P.
Forward Coaching Client

Lyneka, with Forward Solutions, spoke on quality improvement and was entertaining, enlightening, thorough, clear and specific. She focused her analysis directly on the particular needs of the attendees. Her lively and engaging interaction with the group and the knowledge she imparted made her segment the highlight of the conference!

Richard Rutherford
President, LTSS Consultants Inc.

Lyneka Judkins, with Forward Solutions, provided a dynamic presentation at the Association for Home and Hospice Care of NC on ‘Arming your Agency with Quality Data, Operational Efficiencies to Prepare for Managed Care’ and I hope she will be a regular speaker at our events. Some comments from attendees at the session provided by Lyneka were:

·         The voice of customer will be built into our performance based compensation model scorecard!

·         Loved, Loved, Loved Lyneka’s presentation!

·         Lyneka had great ideas!

Kathie Smith, BSN, RN
VP of State Relations & Home & Community Based Care, Association for Home and Hospice Care of NC

As the manager for Maryland Primary Care Physicians, I solicited assistance from Lyneka, President of Forward Solutions, to provide training for my staff to help improve their customer service skills and also to provide tools for me to continue to move them in the right direction. The training was very positive, engaging and informative.  The entire staff participated in all the exercises and really enjoyed the presentation. She helped us set goals, both individually and as a whole, to help improve. Within the first week of the program, I saw a substantial change in my staff.   The different techniques taught were fun for the staff and made it easy for them to incorporate many of the suggestions made during the training.
In addition, Ms. Judkins has provided ways for me, as the manager, to lead and empower my staff so they continue to grow in their positions, in their skills and grow for the company.  I would highly recommend Lyneka Judkins to any organization looking to improve, empower and help their staff be the best they could be in any position.

Linda Reddinger
Practice Manager, Maryland Primary Care Physicians

I have worked directly with Lyneka, President of Forward Solutions, for over 4 years and can state with confidence that she is a ‘results oriented’ professional. Her ability to develop and execute a strategic plan, develop alliances with key stakeholders, as well as, support and develop a management team has been evident. Lyneka is able to deliver on performance expectations, provide great value to customers, and create an atmosphere that brings out the best in those around her.

Todd Graybill
Vice President of Operations, Liberty Healthcare Corporation

I have worked with Lyneka, President of Forward Solutions, for five years, providing technology for her to manage a multi-million dollar contract. During that time, I’ve been impressed with her ability to re-engineer business processes to realize greater efficiencies and savings for her company. I wish I had a position for her in my company!

Kevin Goddard
Chief Technology Officer, Viebridge

Lyneka is an innovative leader that sets a goal of excellence for herself and her coworkers. She leverages technology to streamline processes and build efficiency while improving customer experience through sound governance practices.
She leads efforts in employee engagement, leadership development, cost containment and quality improvement. Her passion for excellence is contagious and was reflected in all aspects of the successful program and its employees.

Rich Maurice
IT Director, Liberty Healthcare of NC