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Our goal is to help move your company to the next level through the design and implementation of process and performance excellence in each area of service.


When an individual takes the time to work with a coach, they are essentially sharpening their work force blade. With a sharpened sword, an individual is equipped to achieve max performance in any position, get recognized, move up, and achieve success.

The key to success lies in the hands of your leaders. Effective management and model leadership positively influence the company’s culture, employee engagement, productivity, and achievement of the company’s mission.

Alignment of resources, streamlined processes, and focus on the improvement of quality results in increased efficiencies, waste reduction, and an effective operation that results in client satisfaction.

Project Management is essential to completing any project in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest cost, and achieving the highest quality.

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve efficiency, realize reduction in time (RIT), and set a foundation for sustainable growth is to organize your business.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. “

Benjamin Franklin
Let Forward Solutions, LLC be your source of knowledge.



  • I have worked with Lyneka, President of Forward Solutions, for five years, providing technology for her to manage a multi-million dollar contract. During that time, I’ve been impressed with her ability to re-engineer business processes to realize greater efficiencies and savings for her company. I wish I had a position for her in my company!

    Kevin Goddard
    Chief Technology Officer, Viebridge
  • As the manager for Maryland Primary Care Physicians, I solicited assistance from Lyneka, President of Forward Solutions, to provide training for my staff to help improve their customer service skills and also to provide tools for me to continue to move them in the right direction […]

    Linda Reddinger
    Practice Manager, Maryland Primary Care Physicians
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