Forward Solutions, LLC is a business consulting company with over a decade
of experience and a proven track record of moving businesses to the next level through innovative design and implementation of process and performance excellence. We excel in the following areas:

  • Professional Coaching
  • Management Development
  • Organizational Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Business Organization
  • Strategic Planning and Execution

Our approach is holistic to each individual client we work with. In partnership with our clients, we will capitalize on strengths, improving areas of needed development, and together, establish a foundation for sustainable growth.

  • Project Management Professionals (PMP)
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified
  • Total Quality Management Educators

We are very knowledgeable in the assessment and implementation of the Malcom Baldrige Principals and Leadership Development. Our
president, Lyneka Judkins, PMP, is highly recognized for her ability to successfully execute multimillion-dollar projects, increase revenue through streamlined processes and increased production, and implement highly complex and extremely efficient operations that include the orchestration of 2,000+ resources simultaneously. She has worked in both private and public sectors, which include federal and state governments. In addition, she has a sound reputation for her ability to develop, motivate, and lead successful teams and grow businesses.

Our goals are:

  • To equip our clients with the necessary tools and knowledge to improve their processes
  • Increase production
  • Achieve quality excellence
  • Strengthen your leadership
  • Realize a high level of employee engagement
  • Establish strong roots for continued growth and success

We work to understand a company’s goals and develop innovative solutions that deliver results. What sets Forward Solutions, LLC apart is our ability to identify opportunities for improvement, design a strategic plan, execute, and deliver results. We go to great lengths to ensure our strategic plans are closely matched to the organization’s mission, vision, and culture. Whether you need support in one area or multiple areas of your business, Forward Solutions, LLC will leverage our knowledge and experience to provide the support and plans to help move your company ahead.

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